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January 4, 2015 by Robb Powell

Picture taken from Corinna's website

Picture taken from Corinna’s website

With the strength of the American market upon the UK’s ears. It is always a pleasure to find an artist who uses their native English accent to decorate and define their sound and style.

Corinna Jane does just this, and in so doing, comes to the front line of this writer’s list of unique British artists.

Corinna’s vocals hold a delicate and sincere quality to the ear. Not only in the use of accent to bring forward her lyrics but also by her delivery of her controlled tone. The listener can feel the shift of her energy and wordplay but not by the power of what is sung… by a marvelous tremolo that holds the listener through the path of every line.

Though Corinna’s current works appear to focus on wondrous melody, hypnotic ballads and folk songs (as I have been informed) a change is due to come. This change is to be a focus on the stylings and genre of Pop.

There is no way to guess or estimate where and just how far Corinna Jane will go with this addition to her skill and talent.  All that can be said is that it is a journey worth following and hearing.


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