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December 16, 2014 by Robb Powell

After what feels like an absolute Age I have finally managed to get together the first new podcast of series 3. Podcast #34 comprises two parts but will be the final 2 hour show for a while as precious time eludes me still. Fear not, for I will pack as much quality music into the future 1 hour shows as I possibly can. And then a dash, sprinkle and dollop more before dusting it lighty with instrumentals. 

As I am so dramatically behind in getting series two podcasts up on the blog I am taking a lesson in brevity with this one and simply sharing the show below. A kind of no frills post, if you will. Although there’s frills aplenty with the quality on the playlist in this two parter. You just hit play and enjoy. 

Part I:

Part II:

I cannot tell you how long I have been waiting for a logo for the podcast. Ever since I started way back in 2012 I have craved one that is unique to the vision of, well, a band of badgers. Badgers playing instruments, what is wrong with that? 

And now thanks to the brilliant artistic talents of James Kirby, who also writes for this blog, you can see below Part II of podcast #34 premiers the new logo. Make sure you check out Jim’s awesome music and like his Facebook page >>here<< please. You’ll know from reading the previous blog post to this, he has just relaunched as Just Jim Kirby and I’ll be getting a review up soon.


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