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October 13, 2014 by Robb Powell

robert plantWhat a dark and dreary autumn day it has been today. I don’t think it has actually stopped raining once. If I had a radio show and was scheduled on today top of my playlist would have been Led Zeppelin‘s When The Levee Breaks. Tune! Looking out the window from the office to be faced with a scene of apocalyptic gloom has only been bearable due to the fact it is #MusicMonday. I’ve actually had quite a productive #MusicMonday too, finally managing to listen to the new Robert Plant album (love it), revisiting the superb latest album from Kenneth J Nash (The Fall of Eden) and while it won’t be recorded or online for some time yet I have been working on putting together playlists for the next four podcasts. As always there is so very much music to be sharing it can be hard to know where to even start. So, considering it is indeed #MusicMonday I decided to jump right in and do a kind of quick frantic blitz blog post. Words will be brief (no, honestly I really do mean it this time) as the focus is on getting these songs and videos out there and right in your ears and eyes! It is a quick Music Monday Mix of awesome tunery but at this rate, only getting to start the post at 20:45 it is likely to be more #TunesTuesday but these are mere trifle details.kenneth j nash

I do have to give a quick mention about the Dry The River gig I went to in Birmingham on Friday. Ferociously phenomenal, it was. They were on fire as they have been each and every time I’ve had the complete joy to see them play live. Just hope I don’t have to wait too long before the next time. Oooh, and just a quick one before launching into today’s shares, this #MusicMonday is the one Northampton-based Distilled release their brand new single, Stand which I reviewed in the last post >>here<<. Right, let’s crack on then.


Something awesome happened to me today to further make this a rather Marvellous #MusicMonday. I won tickets to a gig of my choice on the forthcoming 3 Daft Monkeys tour. Now, I was most certainly going to get myself to a date anyway, even more so because I saw them play for the first time in a while at Beautiful Days Festival in August and they left me with a longing to see them live again that has been painful. The only remedy is to see them live as often as possible. 

So delighted to have won this and cannot wait for the show. They have their sixth studio album – Of Stones and Bones – OUT NOW. Go listen, go buy it and get yourself to a show. If iTunes is you then you can jump directly >>here<<. If you end up at the Birmingham one on Friday 19th December do say hello.


From the updates I’ve been seeing it looks like Andy and his band have had a fantastic time and brilliant reception on his tour. Wish I could have got to see him but I’ve got no doubt that with this high level of quality it will only be a matter of time before he’s back on the road and hopefully passing through somewhere nearer. If not, then I will gladly roadtrip pretty much anywhere if I have to and it means hearing his songs live. 

The On This Great Day EP is OUT NOW and it is a MUST have! 


It has been too long since I was fortunate enough to see the good Mr Sleep live. This may soon be rectified as releases are coming at ya. Here’s the wonderfully shot video for his recent song Ambulance, the title track of his EP. 

Ambulance is available on iTunes >>here<<


Brand new video for another sublime tune from Mr Mitchell! Filmed on location in Stockholm, Tallinn, Helsinki and Bristol this is beautifully shot and put together. The song has been up for a little while already on Soundcloud and as I’ve come to expect from Tom it is perfection.


Certainly no stranger to the blog and another cracking video here to share for the song Lost In Paris from his Spaces EP. What? You don’t yet have that EP? What is wrong with you, go get it NOW. Do not delay. You may however, hit play and enjoy this video first.

Josh has just announced he is doing another LIVING ROOM TOUR. This follows the first such tour he did earlier this year. He claims he is very well behaved and house-trained and the size of your house/living room is of no consequence. The smaller, the more initimate the live sound. Having attended a few house gigs myself and knowing how utterly amazing Josh sounds I’d say you should get emailing him to set this up for you right now – info@joshsavagemusic.com


As a band it can be no small thing to decide to completely rebrand yourself but this is what Zurich have done. This Friday they will play their first local live show in over 10 months where they will debut a whole host of new material. Check out the demo for one of these new tracks, While You Sleep, below. 

The band then go on to perform at no less than three Oxjam events taking in first Oxford before heading to Proud for Oxjam Camden finishing up with Oxjam Birmingham at The Flapper. I can’t wait to hear their new stuff. Very excited!


I’m sure I’ve mentioned before how I get inundated with emails of new music to check out and feature. Sadly, so much of it I am unable to do so because well, I need staff! I don’t just ignore it though and do try to backtrack when I can. I’m rambling. Sush! Longer story short, I checked in on an email I received from Chris of Oxford Coast about this single Lone Wolf. Soooooooooo glad I checked it out and honestly fell immediately in love with this sound!

The video is also above, go watch it then buy the track from the bandcamp page. Well, it is a name your price deal so you can of course grab it totally 100% FREE but my thoughts are you could at least part with a teeny weeny little pound could you not? It is so much more than worth it!


I did share this back in July, yet again when I was gathering together a swift collection of top tunes for a Tunes for Tuesday post. I share it again not only because it popped up in my Facebook feed but I always intended to return to this incredible sounding band. 

As I’m closing off now, I will be returning to them again when I can but could not pass up on sharing Techniclour Trainwreck again because it really blows away those cobwebs! Also, the band’s comment on resharing it had me in stitches…’Go on…crank it up. Sodomise the neighbours, they’ll probably like it…‘ Love it!!

As you know, at present I cannot guarantee when the next post will hit but I do have a few single reviews/features in the pipeline (Carnival Youth’s Octopus and charity single Where Have All The Flowers Gone by Armistice Pals courtesy of Folkstock Records) so those will be nice, short and sweet ones. I’ll also be sharing some more about the recent Levellers Greatest Hits album because there is just so much to say about the amazing B-sides and rarities as part of the digital bundle. Also, hopefully podcast #23 will get some blogcast treatment before too long, even if brief. Loads more besides too I am sure. Do like, tweet, share, follow and all that jazzzzzzzzz *jazz hands**. Ciao.


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