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July 22, 2014 by Robb Powell

WP2Back so soon you ask? Hell Yeah!!! There’s just too much to be sharing but this will be a brief post I assure you. I need to crack on with sharing podcast #22 on here although I’m currently working on putting together podcasts #31 & #32 as what was initially going to be just a 1 hour segment Beautiful Days Special has morphed into two full 2 hour shows. I know. Again, the sheer volume of music to share is just too much to cut down to either an hour or even two. Not only this but somehow podcast #30 has reached #1 in the Mixcloud Alternative Rock chart!! Buzzing!! Anyway, let’s get on with this relatively quick share then…



Okay, I did share this double-A side of tracks a few posts ago but it was even more brief in that post as a finishing off kind of thing. I then played Endeavour on podcast #30 (which you can listen to >>here<<).

While there is a slightly darker tone emanating from the stunning intro to Endeavour, it grabs a hold of you instantly. The song grows nicely with the kind of guitar work that takes you not just to far off places, but to other more perfect realms of existence. The music is transcendental, let us say. It builds up such atmosphere around you as it plays out it may be advisable to kit yourself out in a space suit. The lyrics may state, ‘Sometimes it takes us to the brink…‘ but be assured the song endeavours to really take you there and drop you off. Fear not though, because the delicious sounds from the band won’t let you perish, instead they grip you tight and make you soar.

While its intro sounds markedly different to Endeavour, Angel At The Gate nevertheless opens up the same kind of vast expanse before you. It is a start by which the music itself creates a hazy fog of gloom about you which is blasted out of existence by a delicious guitar riff just after the 20th second which is subtle and yet epic-sounding at the same time. Love it!  You are then bombarded before the return of that killer riff. It’s like the song was made as an alarm warning of the Angel At The Gate. Its dynamic presence certainly commands your attention. Already proving hugely successful, Welcome Pariah go from strength to strength!

The progressive sound the band has made on both ‘Angel At The Gate’ and ‘Endeavour’ is fascinating and unbelievable to truly believe. If you haven’t already worked it out then Welcome Pariah are the ones to watch for the future’ Gig Slutz

‘What’s great about Welcome Pariah is they make music that is made to last, not some flash in the pan act, but a band that penetrates deep into the veins of anthemic and progressive indie rock’ The Manchester Review

‘The band’s return marks a darker rebirth and greater definition, with complex melodies, stadium-demanding boldness and the flight of Doves’ Rock n Roll in my Soul



As I am short on time it is with heavy regret I cannot ramble on about this phenomenal band in this post. Fear not as they will return very soon, I can assure you of that. So impressed was I by the sheer star quality of the music I heard when being directed to their tunes recently. I’m left with a compulsion to listen to EVERYTHING I can get my ears on.

The first phenomenal tune I was greeted with was Technicolour Trainwreck. This is the first single from the band’s BRAND NEW EP, Speaking In Shadows and it is so HUGE it can be likened to Everest. Hit play! NOW! Buy the EP! It’s on iTunes >>here<< or physical copies from >>here<<. Like I say I will return to these guys very soon with more words and more importantly, more music! Check out the EP preview below.


Just hit play on either the soundcloud above or the video below and be well and truly wooed by Liam McClair‘s stunning delivery of the title track from his forthcoming EP Honey (released 28th July). Sublime guitar, delightful voice and beautiful lyrics make a perfect combination for perfect music. The power of his smooth vocal here is whetting my appetite for a full album but I’ll be snapping up the EP that is for sure! You should do the same!

Honey can be pre-ordered right now from iTunes so why delay and me have to remind you? Hit up this link >>here<< and purCHASE something ACE.

While you wait for this second tasty morsel though why not grab yourself Liam’s debut EP, How? Check it out above.


Love! Love! Love this! It is another EP from the Southpaw lads and it is sounding big. Checking the dates I cannot believe it was way back in March that the first EP Stitches was released. What the heck happened to that time? 

southpawWith Better Days the guys are back sounding even stronger. Skin & Bone is just proper class and if you were expecting anything quiet from Quiet Weekend you couldn’t get further from it. It blows the cobwebs away with all its musical magnificence. Wyoming, on the other hand showcases their ability for the more subtle and delicate side of the spectrum. This closing track also allows more room for Perry’s superb vocals to shine. It still packs a nice mighty rock punch too, though.


This is so aurally delicious! As with Liam above, the link to this stunning music was hiding in my ‘other’ inbox on Facebook. Why do Facebook do this to us? Put all the messages in one inbox we will see please! Their utilisation for promotional purposes for these bands and musicians aside, I’m really starting to dislike Facebook. Stuck with it though so it seems. I digress (must be Tuesday…oh yes it actually is). 

What can I say about Girl & Wolf? The music really does speak for itself. There is a serenity in the vocals of Esther Spiegelman that stun so instantly I am lost for words. Seriously! The music accompanying is equally breathtaking. The duo live in Norway too. One of my spiritual homes. I certainly need more of this music in my life so hopefully an EP or download release will follow. These are three magical tunes but now I’ve discovered them I need more.

As if I wasn’t knocked for six, nay twelve, nay twentyfour at least – I had a quick gander at their YouTube page and found this magnificent Blink 182 cover. OMG, I believe the term is these days!! Wonderful!



While in the realms of beautiful serene acoustic music let’s take a wee little sidestep into some folk territory with the award-winning Ange Hardy. Hot on the heels of her previous album Bare Foot Folk in 2013, there is a new release due in September. Called The Lament of the Black Sheep there is a preview up on soundcloud. Some tracks you can hear in full and others there are snippets of but for all of them your ears will be thankful.

The songs comprising the album are originals being ‘inspired by family, tradition, personal experience and the tales of West Somerset‘. This is a golden collection mark my words. I’m left feeling annoyed and frustrated with myself that I am only now coming to enjoy Ange’s music. What I knew already after just one listen through this preview (which has now been a good few listens) is it is already going to sit up with the top quarter of my personal albums of the year thus far. The exquisiteness is something my ears and mind need to lap up aplenty. This is music that nourishes. Live, it would get me high (on music, of course)! Plus I now have another phenomenal female folk singer to add to my favourites list alongside the likes of Kathryn Roberts, Kate Rusby and Cara Dillon. As she’s down that way already it is a shame I won’t be hearing this music live at Beautiful Days this year.



I have neglected Sleepthief on this blog and for this I should do time. In a pit. In a fire and brimstone type pit, no less. Such is the splendour of the beauty shared by this music. I must be brief here but I will return to more in perhaps a special Sleepthief feature before the summer is out. The fact of the matter is this music needs to be in your life. Simply put, it is stunning!



I was so transfixed by this guy’s videos last night after seeing this one that I may have ended up having quite a late night. I couldn’t stop though. They are addictive. 

And so for good measure I have also included the Doctor Who one if only to share the magnificence of when the I Am The Doctor theme kicks in after the main title them. It really is quite amazing!



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