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June 28, 2014 by Robb Powell

Okay, this is very much an ad-hoc spur of the moment post. I sincerely wish I could have knocked this together last week but I have been away from the whole computerland while enjoying time catching up with a very good friend. So much so, now there are only 2 days left for Distilled to race on through to the top spot in this competition to win a fabulous and massive opportunity! distilled

They NEED your votes to do this. They have been second and are now only 20 or so votes behind the leaders. It would mean a huge amount not only to the members of the band but to me, if you can spare £1 and vote for them to win. All you have to do is text Negart 08 to 64343. Wallacazam: that’s it! Your vote will be cast, you will be just a quid lighter and if like me, you just got paid then why not vote a second time just to continue help nudging them up into that important first place. Get behind the local talent, or even not so local for any readers beyond Northamptonshire. It is all about the indie music after all. 

In turn for these acts of wonderful kindness you will enjoy that warm fuzzy feeling that brings you so much pleasure (steady now). Check out the music and let that speak for itself because quite frankly, it is awesome.

All the best to the guys. Distilled, FTW*.


*I get to use ‘youth-speak-abbreviations’ and this is pleasing. 


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