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June 8, 2014 by Robb Powell

Finally! Yes, I’ve got round to publishing another blogcast. It isn’t like I’m now putting together #28 or anything. As you may recall I’ve been working flat out on a postgraduate course which is the reason for my absence. I must admit it has been a rather intense and busy four months. What this means is that I now need a break. Free, spare time in which to just relax and unwind before another four months of nonstop work begins later in the year. I will try my best to keep blogging as I can but I’ll be honest, it can no longer be a priority. It is sad because I sincerely love doing this. I just need some ‘me’ time. Selfish maybe but for a start I need to put as much effort into finding me a decent job/career. That is priority #1 right now.

Although, I’ve been back on the blog properly for the first time today since way back in February/March and I’m realising just how much I do miss it. I’ll post what I can when I can. Need more time please. Anyone got a plan on extending time? If I get a super duper job that pays well for part time hours that’d do it. Wishful thinking, though.

pic 1Enough of this waffle. Can you believe I have not been to a live gig since March 18th. That was Editors at The Roundhouse. They were magnificent! They always are live, to be fair. Such an atmosphere. Their fans are so dedicated, committed and loyal. Further, I must mention regards their latest most recent album The Weight of Your Love: Like many, I think I wasn’t completely struck on it at first but you know what? The more it plays on shuffle the more I am really enjoying it. I think it just helps seeing them perform live so much but not to detract from the album on its own. Live music is always going to be the best part of the music experience, for me but my main point is that the album is actually rather very good! Saw Dry The River support them for that night too, which was very special and unexpected. I took a couple of videos but with everything being so mental I haven’t even got them up on YouTube yet. Watch out for those coming soon.

Right, here’s the playlist for podcast #20. An hour packed with top music for you to check out. Hit play below and enjoy.


  1. The Boxer Rebellion – Diamonds
  2. Wild Swim – New Dawn
  3. fiN – The Artisan (acoustic)
  4. Mercians – Attention All
  5. Dinsdale – Fear
  6. Led Zeppelin – Since I’ve Been Loving You (live)
  7. Sound Menagerie – Stay With Me
  8. The Epstein – Chimes
  9. Laurence Fox – Believe
  10. Dirty Fair – How Does It Feel
  11. Tom McRae – Out of the Walls (3of10fromTom)

I know I wrote about seeing the wonderful Wild Swim guys play live last year, first at Truck Festival then at a smashing and intimate gig in Oxford in September. These are ones to watch closely. Just brilliant so get on it. Likewise, The Boxer Rebellion, I finally got to go see play in February this year and they did not disappoint!


As it has been so damn long since I posted and I have loads more podcasts to get up online in addition to mountains of other stuff, I will be brief here. This is all music you need to get in your ears right NOW! Stop whatever you might be doing and pay attention. Support! Thank you.


OMG! Couldn’t help typing those three little capital letters. I only checked these guys out yesterday because I saw they were supporting another band I like, Natives. I bought the album instantly. That voice for starters. Just wow! First check out the solo studio performance of Jon Gaskin (above), then there’s a full band tune for your ears (below). What more can I say without going on at length (they are so good I could do just that and likely will when the album arrives), other than GO BUY Courage NOW! 


Keeping it local with this relatively new young band who have just released recordings of the three new tracks that will form their debut EP. I’ve been eagerly awaiting these tunes since I first came across The Young & Restless last year and I have not been disappointed.


Another local musician here and I played two of the superb new songs from Lew’s brand new album on a recent podcast. This is a brilliant follow up to the unique approach he took to Down By The Riverside. Check it out below and get parting with a wee bit of cash for some delightful dirty roots.


This US rock trio absolutely astound me! These latest batch of brand new tunes are so banging prepare to end up exhausted by the time your ears are done listening because I warn you, they will demand more! Mentally amazing music!! My particular favourite if I’m pushed on it would have to be The Water because the guitar solo at about 2mins40 in just transports me so far away and into a paradise so far beyond words. Would calling it orgasmic be crossing the line or sound too weird? I hope not, but damn it is so good!!


Finally for the moment, it is down south to check out the latest two stonking tunes from Welcome Pariah. These are FREE downloads too, so get hitting the download button as well as sharing.

That’s it for the moment then. Like I mentioned above it has been such a long time I’d forgotten how much I thoroughly enjoy bringing together all this music. Still, I’d also forgotten that it does take a good deal of time too (that is two mugs of tea that have gone cold just now). I will be back, I’ve got too much to share and I will burst if I don’t get to do it but please bear with me. Remember you can check out most of the podcasts/cloudcasts up on the Mixcloud channel >>here<<.

Until next time, keep well and peace to y’all.


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