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March 17, 2014 by Robb Powell

Front CoverImagine the music of the mid 70 & 80’s. Being a child of the 90’s I fell into an age of pop and the songs from those days set the pace and tone of the soundtrack of my youth. BUT whenever I heard the power and passion pour through my stereo from the music of just over ten years before I became entranced. I can freely admit the American’s had the Power Ballad/Rock/Pop scene down to a fine art. Jackson, Toto, Van Halen, Mister Mister and even some outstanding numbers by Van Dross. The music that made a decade which never truly died. On the UK side of things we had Sabbath, ZeppelinDerek and the Domino’s and the Rolling StonesNow, in 2014 we are about to have the release of “Blown Away” by the UK’s own Michael Lee.

Back Cover JPEGAn artist who has combined the musical influences of all the artists listed above to make; what I can only describe as an incredibly empowering and reminiscent refreshing EP. Not only has he combined the UK’s greats with the sound of an American generation but he decorates the style with shades of artists from then to now such as Nickleback, Foo Fighters and even brief flares of the great J BonamassaAnd with all this going on you can still feel the true pull of the 80’s Power/Prog/Rock.

Having a new voice to an old style of music is always a great auditory experience, though at times one forgets that this is happening NOW! Michael Lee suits what he does so perfectly that the sound he creates fits with those who made the original genre in all its glory…but the moment you realise that this is happening NOW you can’t help but feel excitement to the return of passion and power to music in this way. 

So we shall call Michael Lee part of a revival, part of a musical movement, an education and an evolution. And with the 7th of April nearing I will encourage all to prepare themselves to be “Blown Away” by Michael Lee

Launch Show (2)Words by James Kirby –


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