THE TALLEST MAN IN THE PUB: Introducing Rhys Kirkman by James Kirby

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February 19, 2014 by Robb Powell

rhys kirkmanThe beauty of being a musician and a writer comes from the fact I get to meet and play alongside so many artists worth writing about. Before the end of 2013 I was given the opportunity to support a local artist in Hertfordshire. What got me really going though was his style and delivery of his songs. Genre-wise I suppose you’d find him within the alt.pop field but let’s step away from categories. 

With his debut album “Tallest man in the pub” due for release January 2014, I proudly present to you Rhys Kirkman! And though the statement in the album’s title is true, I assure you that his height fades from your attention as you fall through his musical atmosphere.

With a charming use of the British accent mixed with the thick, rolling tone and gravelled texture of his voice; no matter the tempo, as a listener one becomes hooked. The vocals soothe and reassure the listener through the music’s direction. There could be a great dynamic rise or a moment of deep and thoughtful emotion, regardless of which of these takes place Rhys’ vocals hold on to you firmly with great (and occasionally amusing) lyricism.

He’s a great guitarist also. You may not hear him shredding notes across the fretboard but you will hear it in his accompanied melodies along with great uses of chord formations and structure. It is impossible to see or hear a single performance of Rhys Kirkman and not be caught up in at least one hook within the first few minutes and even more so than sound; live or recorded, you can tell that he is always giving every last shred of focus and energy to what he is playing. An attribute that will forever captivate the audience and truly define a real musician.

With his album release nearing, I implore readers to search both the Internet and venues across Hertfordshire for Rhys to get a chance to hear just what I have tried to convey in writing. So if you happen to be in the area and hear a great sound coming from a guy who just happens to be The Tallest Man in the Pub, you’ve probably stumbled across Rhys Kirkman

rhys launch

Words by James Kirby –


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