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December 23, 2013 by Robb Powell

blog 4I have had this post in draft for quite some time. Drafting but never quite ready. All set to start how this wasn’t exactly a bombardment a la Blitzkreig but it turns out that with James Kirby‘s recent contributions, it really has been a decent bombardment after all. Technically I decided I was taking the month of December off. Off from everything! However, I have and to continue to have so much to catch up with and share with you I’ve been posting what I can when I can. 


blog 3What a way to finish of the year. My last ‘big’ gig of the year was the incredible Black Sabbath. It was a phenomenal night. The band were on fire. Quite literally at one point with huge flames blasting. Indoor fireworks topped it off right at the end after the encore of Paranoid! WOW! Huge thanks to my brother who took me along. I bought him tickets for his Birthday but I made it clear that wasn’t a condition that he had to take me. I am so glad he did though. It was a magnificent show. Ozzy is on top form, not only sounding amazing but managing to work the crowd effortlessly. As he repeatedly shouted at us, ‘I can’t fucking hear you!’ I did want to jest about him maybe requiring an earing aid. One only has to cite the likes of The Rolling Stones when bringing up the subject of age of these true legendary rock stars. They prove so effortlessly how age means absolutely nothing at all.

We really could have been at a gig during the height of Sabbath’s 70’s heyday, such was how perfect they were up on stage together. Tony Iommi mesmerised with his faultless lead guitar, playing out riffs that move you to a whole other world. There was a drum solo from Tommy Clufetos which kept teasing us as to when it would end. I want whatever this guy has please. This solo nearly put me in a trace. Describing it as epic doesn’t even come close.

What is most wonderful about this current incarnation of Sabbath (which let’s face it, is a near enough perfect full reunion), is how good their most recent material sounds. Naturally, we were treated to a number of songs from the album 13. While fitting in seamlessly with the older classics, it is clear how their maturity, as musicians, lyricists and people has developed nicely. This was a night I desperately want to repeat. Same time next? Yes please!

blog 2Right-ho. Best crack on with the mountain of other superb music I have to share. My aim is to keep this waffle-lite…but, well, you know by now that doesn’t always happen.



I would like to know how on earth I seem to have missed Billy Locket. I saw a couple of posts on Facebook just prior to his sell-out gig at The Picturedrome but by the time I went to grab some tickets they had indeed all gone. Mental. Also mental is how brilliant Billy is. Not mental in a bad way. Just mental that I only just seem to have caught up with the memo. So, this is about me finally catching up as well as getting you lot caught up with all this music. Enjoying his music now I am honestly rather gutted I missed that Picturedrome gig. 

Northampton really does have a lot of quality music hiding within it. It’s great things are going incredibly well for Billy right now as he climbs up the ranks to emerge as one of the best young singer songwriters out there. It is tough out there but the way he’s going he will smash through the competition and have a hugely successful 2014. The proof is in the pudding so the saying goes and his two EPs so far are from a gourmet Michelin star kitchen for sure. Following the brilliant Pathways EP, Your Love Hurts is the most recent release and which you need to go purchase >>here<<. Clearly, me missing such amazing musical talent means I desperately require a PA or diarist to ensure I don’t repeat such folly in the future. 


21 MANCHESTER | Sound Control
22 LEEDS | Cockpit 2
23 GLASGOW | King Tuts
25 NOTTINGHAM | Red Rooms – Tickets from >>here<<.
26 BRISTOL | Thekla
27 LONDON | The Borderline


These guys have a new EP they will be unleashing in the new year. While we wait for that, you can have a say on which track should get a FREE release on the 1st January. The EP is called Stories From The Ground and features 6 tasty treats for your ears further showcasing the excellence of this trio. Follow the instruction in the video below to not only get a cheeky little taster of the forthcoming tunes, but also to vote for which one will get that imminent (well, it’s only a week give or take a few days) FREE release.

And let’s recall just how insanely brilliant Stark are:

Exactly! AMAZING! Now if you haven’t already got your copy of Where the Grey Slates Meet, rectify this immediately by clicking >>here<<. Thankings you. Stark will thank you muchly too. Make sure you watch out for live dates too because they are NOT to be missed. It is a crime against music if this happens and you will be hunted down.


W203Earlier this year I was fortunate enough to receive for review the first part (although second, chronologically) of David Bronson‘s epic 22-track work encompassed in the Long Lost Story project. That album was entitled Story, the review of which you can read >>here<< (It is quite far down this particular bumper post from the old blog but well worth a read). The second part and prequel to Story, The Long Lost, was released more recently in October bringing this very personal record to its close. Watch the video for this FREE download from the album, Lost.

W203For such a short track it is incredibly moving, demonstrating the quality and skill David accomplishes. It goes without saying how I come across and hear so much music by writing this blog but David Bronson is up there amongst the greatest of what I’ve been exposed to. You can download Lost via Soundcloud below but go one further and get yourself the whole Long Lost Story. I’m looking forward to a third album due sometime in 2014.

david bronson“Letting your mind drift, allowing your thoughts to float into unexpected directions…That’s the effect David Bronson has. A New York based songwriter, his gently wrought acoustic tapestries seem to unravel into patterns all of their own.”Clash

‘What stands is a decent recording from a reflective soul, one who’s purging his innermost feelings for all to see.’ Drowned in Sound

‘There are dreamlike qualities to several songs and, even without the aid of hallucinogenic substances, you can join David in a world of poetry, imagery and unrequited love.’ No Depression

‘Bronson is an artist who commits fully to his task, delving deep in to his own back-story to deliver raw and honest songs that range from delicate musings to full-blown stories of love, loss, life and everything else in between.’ Gold Flake Paint


I will be sharing more from these musicians in due course but I really just have to share their music with you. It needs ears so prepare thine…


It is so difficult not to write loads about this particular one. So so good! I will revisit soon as possible but for now, enjoy:


Likewise with this video AND album from Aaron. I know I’ve shared his music before but I seriously need to write some stuff about it and soon! I’m on it. Check out his amazing tunes in the meantime. So so talented!




I’m afraid I must remain surrendered to briefness if I am to fit everything in before the end of the year.



Their EP I’ll Never Go Anywhere Without Her Now was a mere tease for what was to be the fuller record Reports of Snow. I sincerely wish I had time to review it here but the focus is on sharing great music. So, here it is. The album does not disappoint so make yours an even better Christmas by going and purchasing it.



Undoubtedly another on my MUST MUST MUST SEE LIVE list, Kid Conventional Mr Jack Weston released this stunning EP, Maps, at the end of November. Go get folks!



October was insanely busy for me. OXJAM. That’s all I need say to explain. This is the only way I missed the release of this sublime Acoustic EP from Under A Banner. Here it is, just £2.49 for 4 superb tracks. Go get! There are also 3 excellent live bootleg EPs yours for FREE. If you don’t have their debut album The Ragged Rhythm  of Rain please can we ensure you do by the close of 2013? Thank you please.



This is perfection!!



Thanking Daniel Pearson very muchly for this FREE download of an alternate version of Medication, from the album Mercury State. Please take the time to go check out that album as well. I will most certainly be coming back to it as soon as I can but for you lucky music fans, it is a mere few clicks away.



With Matt Smith‘s Eleventh Doctor about to take his final bow <*sniff sniff, sob, gulp*> it seems fitting to share this brilliant arrangement of Murray Gold‘s, I Am The Strange Strange Doctor by Seán Ferrick. It is awesome! Seán’s YouTube channel is >>here<<.


I’ve received lots of lovely Merry Christmas emails and many a FREE download over the last few days. Most of these have been festive, which is really nice. See the previous post about Christmas songs for the reasons why. Amongst these has been a simply put, stunning cover of Fleet Foxes’ White Winter Hymnal by the superb Thea Gilmore. She was amazing at Beautiful Days festival back in August. Ah, that reminds me. As busy as I was I never got to do a decent write up review of Beautiful Days did I? Apologies. I won’t do one now but I will get planning a post bringing together some of the top highlights from the event. Or at least I will share music from those awesome acts I had the pleasure of enjoying over that weekend.

That leaves me to sincerely wish all you readers, listeners and whoevers out there a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS. There may well be a post or two before we see in the New Year but if not HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all too. Thanks for your time.


Before moving on to ‘the funny’ video I try to include at the end of these such share posts, please take a second to watch this interview Schemata Theory‘s Myles Dyer did with Jeremy Scahill about his recent film Dirty Wars. This is the kind of film that needs mass media attention but will rarely, if ever, get it. Not for the right reasons anyway. It’s nice to see a film that opens our eyes and tells a story more near to the truth than the cosy news of the mainstream. This is an important film guys. I’ve also included the trailer below.




After seeing a recent mash up picture on Facebook I suggested someone should do a ‘Where are they now?’ type parody thing. And here it is:


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