December 16, 2013 by Robb Powell

sean grantI was so ready for this launch gig. Excited and poised to do a bit of a write up for Sean and the band. Sadly, I felt like a complete sack of….well, you don’t need the pictures do you? It certainly was not drink related either. For that I truly would deserve punishment. No, it is frustrating because this was finally a time I was free to go see Mr Grant and I so hate letting folk down. Anywho, I can be slapped for my inability to attend later. First I need to share the brilliant piece of music and video with you. It is totally 100% FREE for you to download too so why can’t I hear those clickings?? Ah, yes. You require the link of course. Get your mouse pointers ready and loose and get hovering over this link just >>here<<. Follow the instructions and SMACK! you’ve got your copy. 

© Christian Hambly 2013

© Christian Hambly 2013

What an incredibly superb song and video this is! It is a real multi-layered, deep character piece and as the drama unfolds there’s no escape for you. You will be enticed in from the off with the foot-jigging rhythm and glorious vocal humming. Razor sharp songwriting skills soon emerge to overpower you with their clever storytelling. In essence it is about a child grown up bad thanks to the unfortunate combination of domestic violence, physical abuse and the trappings of society’s system for his class. Bad can only be relative here given these circumstances. The subject matter might be dark but this is REAL music about REAL life so that isn’t a downside. In fact, it is part of the charm. A big part of what makes it so compelling. It made me feel like a sponge because I wanted to just absorb every tiny bit of it into my consciousness. The gutsy tune with a chorus so contagious just one listen, or one play by someone anywhere and it is airborne, ‘If God made the church…the devil made us…‘ Love it! Sean gets to do forwards, backwards and even sidewards somersaults with his vocals showing off just what he can do even with only his voice. Overall though, this is an outstanding piece of work.  

© Christian Hambly 2013

© Christian Hambly 2013

There’s a very well-accomplished look to the cinematography on the video too. It is so beautifully shot. Transporting you right back in time without the need for a sick bag from such a drastic space-time co-ordinate change. It’s so powerful the past actually envelops you. It never feels claustrophobic but you will begin to smell that blood I promise you. As the street fight (or rather back alley fight) unfolds you see the injuries begin to appear on Sean as it keeps flicking back to him singing. This is brilliantly achieved and adds maximum effect.  And that reveal near the end of the video showing the outcome of the fight is kind of sad. You really feel how there’s no way back from it. It may only be just short of three and a half minutes long but it feels like you’ve watched a true indie blockbuster. In a good way. Such is the depth and skill with which the whole thing has been put together – song, music and film. Brilliant! Lots more please guys.

Oh, and as for the next live gig. Nothing short of decapitation is going to keep me away!



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