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December 12, 2013 by Robb Powell

james kirby

So one day I was browsing the modern sensation that is the internet and I typed in my own name. What can I say; curiosity got the better of me.  And there I was as bright as daybreak on Google. But there were two of me. I got up wandered to the mirror and saw only one, went back to the computer and again there were two. Both musicians from the UK under the acoustic, pop, folk, blues, alternative genres. I went on Facebook and YouTube and again there were two. Even on Lastfm!

Out of interest and sense of competition for the title of James Kirby singer/songwriter I watched and listened. Over and over again. So I have a statement in this article. James Kirby! I am proud to share my name with you! The man emanates skill and talent across the fret board. He is hypnotic to watch as he holds such precision in every note whilst showing minimal effort. If you watch the studio splitscreen videos  one could assume track layering and shrug off the complexities and simply appreciate each layer equally. But I shall tell you that the sound of those recordings holds little to no difference from James solo on stage. With a firm relationship with a footpedal and an almost prodigal finesse across the strings he pulls it all off live with astounding improvisation thrown in for variation.

I sat dumbfounded at the bar watching him do it all, and for something as simple as the one man and his guitar act I have never seen or heard anything like it! Slapping, tapping, bass riding, sliding, modulating, harmonising, soloing and layering…Mind-blowing! 

Even his covers became open tuned originals in the way they were done. Since seeing him live I have listened, dug, researched and attempted in (some ways) vain to do what he does. But though there are two, I happily step back and hail “there is only one James Kirby.” His vocals match what he does exactly as they should. They never detract from the guitar work but accompany it. The man has great vocal control and it eases the listener as the strings excite, the whole experience keeps the audience in perfect control and as previously said….hypnotised. He is one I shall forever recommend and see whenever I can. He will open your mind with sound as his words are welcomed into your hearts. So as I end this James Kirby article I implore you to check out this James Kirby Music  @jameskirbyuk

Words by James Kirby –


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