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December 9, 2013 by Robb Powell

becca2As a musician and a writer I have seen acts that floor you through fault and those that leave you breathless from brilliance. But THE single most important artist I have ever discovered was not performing in concert hall or at a festival. There are people in life who in spite of their worth and wonder will be overlooked outside of circumstance.  To my honour serendipity allowed me grace long enough to see and hear something truly worth waiting for.

Rebecca Madden is a musician for the love of music rather than the ego. She plays for the reason of what music is in life and the value of the words sung. I do not believe I have ever met a more talented but modest individual. Born in 1991 she started life simply as a girl who loved to sing but as we all do, with her growth her life unfolded before her and the meaning of her favourite lyrics took form. From this her own thoughts were able to take flight from her mind and take place amongst her multi-instrumentalist stave. It is her true craftsmanship of word and relative metaphor that forever holds her in high regard amongst my utmost respected greats.

Her voice is an unexpected marvel, the range and tone that is beautifully embellished with light and shade of strength consumes the listener, surrounds them and seeps so far into their soul that they find themselves reassuringly haunted by the experience. For myself I had both my mind and heart eagerly state that hers was a voice I would follow regardless of whatever came. And I have. From busking, charity gigs, and performances in the UK’s great capital of London to the BBC. I take pride in saying “I was there when Rebecca Madden played…”

becca3As a singer and songwriter myself, Rebecca Madden changed my life. Like so many of her own compositions I find myself writing honest and meaningful music with thought and greater structure. My discovery of her talent allowed me to finally be myself over my beloved strings. Through her acknowledgement that the fans are the reason music is a worthy commitment in life, I have had the privilege to write with her and once more my own growth musically increased.

The true overall breathtaking stunning fact of Rebecca Madden is that she is real, equal and…simply….a person. A woman with a thought and a voice. A woman who has highs and lows and just as all others with a voice they deserve a chance to be heard. Though in contrast, in search of similar sound and soul there is no other that I could ever compare to her. And part of me would never want to. If little more, Rebecca Madden is a reminder that the song that embroiders the heartbeat of us all will forever be the one worth hearing. @rmaddenmusic

Words by James Kirby –


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