December 3, 2013 by Robb Powell

chemical overloadChemical Overload by the hard hitting modern Punk/Rock prodigies: The Q. is an EP to set your mind ablaze. From its pulse pounding rhythms that forever drive their melodies into your mind, to the rip-roaring wail of the guitar work. If one could imagine The Jam, Who and Ramones sat down and put together their minds and talent, the outcome may hold similarity to this modern reflection of the genre that truly gave the younger generations their voice and their say.

The passion in the vocals matches its worth in skill. The dynamic uses between lyrics and structure make every line stress the importance of each song’s meaning. Not to mention it’s perfection in style and tone for the genre. Lyrically, Punk/Rock has forever been intelligent and cunningly sharp, The Q are no exception from this norm and once more the vocals bring this intelligence forward to the crowd as much as the music itself. Instrumentally the listener is dragged into a world of energy, the sound is consuming. All instruments blend effortlessly. There is no conflict of interests or importance between the musicians, nor their musicianship. It is obvious that the main concern of each individual is indeed the music itself and under this The Q seem utterly united.

The QSo as the guitars wail with the fuel of the drum beat behind them, the bass gives a definitive structure to the environment the vocals roar through. Basically, together the stage isn’t their main playground….the listener’s mind is. And these guys sure as hell can play! So for anyone who yearns to hear music that holds energy, meaning and electrifying talent just look for The Q and let their sounds in “Chemical Overload” overwhelm you.


3 thoughts on “THE Q: CHEMICAL OVERLOAD EP REVIEW by James Kirby

  1. Dave quaife says:

    Knock out!!!truly brilliant 🙂

  2. timfromtheq says:

    Reblogged this on The Continued Adventures of a Kick-Arse Guitar Combo! and commented:
    One from Dec 13 – great review worth sharing again. Chemical Overload is available from the band at gigs and via

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