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August 4, 2013 by Robb Powell

This is naughty. I really should be prioritizing the reviews but alas, The FireFlys will be done and online within the next two days at the very least. I promise. Or else you can come hunt me down and tazer me or something. If you wanted to. I still have mounting millions of music to share so thought a cheeky little (really?) post this Sunday (which was intended to have been a Quick Fire Friday) was in order to alleviate the pressure building up. As always with quick fire posts I was going for all content and no waffle. That would be a first, right? Let’s see if I can put my money where my mouth is. Jeez, you can understand why I am so poor now can’t you?


I sincerely wish I had my review ready to go right here, right now. Given The Fireflys release this album tomorrow it would be almost perfect timing. Humblest apologies but with the nasty bout of manflu I’ve had the past week and an as ever hectic schedule I’ve just not finished it in time. A matter of days only though, I assure you. It doesn’t mean I haven’t been listening to Embers Of The Autumn though, in fact it is quite hard to stop listening to it once I start. It’s one of those gems you will never tire of playing on endless repeat. Just listen to the exquisite guitar on this song in particular, Between The Tide

Isn’t it just sensational?? Well, there is lots more of that and so much more. There are loads of top reviews already up so check out the band’s official Facebook page and make sure you get buying a copy of the album because it is one of those you simply MUST own! Like I say above, if my review isn’t up in a few days time at the latest then seek me out and hit me hard.


First up, a little Oxjam Northampton update. The gig, forming a part of the nationwide month-long OxJam Music Festival will take place at The Picturedrome on Friday 18th October. Further updates regards tickets and the like will be coming up very shortly. Bands confirmed so far include:


Northampton’s very own alternative indie rock band who released their full debut album last Monday (29th July). 

It is one heck of a cracker I tell you, so get on board and support this awesome local group. Those of you (and hopefully there are many) who are much further afield you can still get in on the action by purchasing a copy. You can do so via iTunes >>here<< or for those who want a physical copy (which I do), you can get one directly from the band >>here<<. It is also available via Spotify and Amazon so check out those sites and/or the band’s official Facebook page for more details. Also keep up to date with other live dates and all things going on now this fantastic record is out there in the world. Time may prevent me running a full review but you can be sure I’ll have much more to say/write about it very soon!


These guys are kindly trekking down from Manchester for their first appearance in Northampton. They will be very welcome as they bring their excellent thunderous indie rock sound. 

They recently released their debut EP Chemical Friends which is to put simply, a complete and utter smash hit! Totally free, if you haven’t got the three tracks yet then what planet are you on?

Their sound is infectious and boy do they have rhythm! They are going to well and truly rock The Picturedrome this October.


I’ve made it no secret how much of a fan I am of this alternative indie 3-piece from Banbury. The Scholars have such an established quality sound, producing really big tunes that hook you right in. I am completely made up they have agreed to play my OxJam gig. No strangers to gigging around Oxfordshire and the surrounding areas as well as far as Birmingham, Coventry and London this will be their first appearance in Northampton. 


Opening up the evening will be Northampton singer-songwriter Will Rogers, who I featured on the blog a little while back. Will has been gigging it up around the county and never seems to stop. He has an EP, Breaking Boat which you can get via iTunes >>here<<. Let me here you clicking, it is a stunning collection of songs.

Like I mentioned above, there will be many more updates to come very shortly. I’m getting my head down and will be hard at work to make this a night of spectacular live music. 


It is unjustifiable how long it has been since I’ve featured these US indie folk troubadours on the blog. Over 50,000 people would agree. That’s how many views their most recent splendid offering has received on their YouTube channel. It was rather unprecedented and has shocked the humble members of Pawns Or Kings but the truth is they really deserve the attention.

56,174 views to be precise in fact. It may have been bounced off the back of a Mumford And Sons type hype because the musical gem before us is none other than a reworking of a not very well known Mumford song. Voices, is a song that not even many of the band’s ever growing and already mammoth-sized fanbase seem to be aware of. A big thanks therefore to Pawns Or Kings for bringing it to us here with their own distinct and original flair. Also take note regards their next record that will be falling upon us this fall. Autumn for you UK readers. Like I needed to spell that out in this digital/internet age but there you go.


Not only do they bear the name of a famous house from one of my favourite book (and TV) series but this alternative folk trio from Brighton started following me on Twitter a few days ago. Naturally, I checked out their tunes and have been left desperately wanting to see them live. It is such a beautiful, vibrant sound I became a huge fan after just my first listen to this 3-track EP Where the Grey Slates Meet.

Pic taken from the band's Facebook page

Pic taken from the band’s Facebook page

You can grab it via iTunes >>here<< and you really should. In fact, once you listen you will do because that’s how incredibly infectious this music is. Soaring and impressive guitar with so much more added into the mix, it is amazing they are just three of them to be honest. This is another reason I need to see them live. To see how they achieve this stunning collaboration. There’s a really awesome rock twinge to the alternative folk as well. Ones to watch and not just coming from me because when I shared their music on Twitter I had a few people comment on how great they are, thanking me for sharing. I’ll be keeping my eyes on those live dates for one I can get to. I really enjoyed this live session cover of Bob Dylan‘s Crash On The Levee. It is just further proof of how talented Stark are!

They are touring the southwest at the moment so make sure you get along if they are near you or you can parachute in.



I covered these guys a while back and they really did WOW me completely off the planet with the single Microlove. I sincerely wish I had time available here to review this EP in full but, well you remember all those albums I keep going on about – those reviews are overdue to the point of rendering me into a panic-stricken stress out that may require sedation, so I best hold off for the moment. I can’t not share it though because Microlove the full EP is just stunning.

The sensational guitar alone on track 2, Forces should win these guys an array of awards already! It is epic! Amazing! That’s not to detract from any of the other four because, well, you only have to read back to my feature of Microlove to appreciate how much I am in love with that song. Those vocals are what music is all about. Phenomenal! You think they are amazing though and then they knock you over even more with the likes of Love At 16, just to take a quick example. WOW simply doesn’t cover it. Not even EPIC WOW covers it. It is pretty safe to say I will be revisiting this EP at some point soon and like with Party In Paris‘ album Desolate, I will share more thoughts and words on it. In the meantime, do yourselves a favour and go get it.


wcagtourThere’s no preferential treatment I assure you. Well, sometimes there may be a little  bit but it is all genuine. I only say because it feels like I’ve featured White Clouds & Gunfire in almost every post lately. With perfectly good reason though, of course. On account of their superb music! This is their latest video for the song Poison, the first single to be taken from their forthcoming debut album (2nd September) For All The Non Believers.

The band also announced fairly recently they have been signed up to the label I Am Mighty Records so a huge well done to them for this. All their colossal hard work has paid off. Now it’s tour time as they set out on their headline tour this very day (at the time of writing, Thursday 1st August so they’ve been on the road a good few days now) and they shared the above really cool picture to mark it. I, myself will be catching them rocking up a storm down in the Keynes of Milton (Milton Keynes). Where will you be getting in on the action? Come on, don’t be shy and don’t be a fool and miss out. You will regret it!


The incredible Julie Lamb had a launch party to release this new video for the song Waterproof from her superb album Trippin’ the Light. If I had my TARDIS or futuristic teleporter sorted out already I would have got myself along! The video is certainly making me need to visit this wonderful country even more.

Julie uploaded the video to the Beat100 website, a fantastic platform for showcasing music videos. She then received an email from them advising Waterproof had already won multiple awards. Let’s share and SHOUT about this excellent achievement. Check out Julie’s entry here: 



I was wowed to the maximum when Lucas sent the MP3 for this latest song and I heard it that way first. This is the official video for the song, taken from his Blood, Sweat & Tears EP. It is magnificent! I really love that guitar too, by the way.


I couldn’t go without sharing a new single from the hugely talented Mr Sean Taylor could I? That would have been unforgivable. London is released today via iTunes (>>here<<) and Amazon (>>here<<). It features Danny Thompson with whom Sean will be playing a few shows in October.

London has already, and quite rightly so, received an awesome reaction. With plays on Bob Harris’ BBC Radio 2 show, Folk Radio UK and Resonance FM amongst others. There’s a wonderful story behind the writing of the song so for more about that and all of Sean’s other fantastic music you should visit his website and sign up to his mailing list while you’re at it.



I’ve literally just been asked to review this video and single for Vulture Hound so I’m just sharing it here for the moment. After seeing them rock down The Barn at Truck Festival two weeks ago, this alternative rock trio can do no wrong in my eyes. They are just AMAZING!


My apologies extend to numerous folk due to me being so behind with album reviews. No less so than with Rob Johnson who’s beautiful and evocative Throw The Sun Into The Sea I have been playing rather a lot lately. I’ll get some proper words up on it soon, to justify just how moving and wonderful a record it is. In the meantime check it and more out at Rob’s website and enjoy this brilliant video for starters.

Okay, that is a wrap for this post. More to come very soon! 


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