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July 4, 2013 by Robb Powell

truck tktHello again. Back so soon after that last and first post. Well, hell yeah!!! I have so much to share I am going to burst before too long. So, I’m making this a regular weekly feature whereby I hit you with a selection of videos and/or tunes for you to check out and enjoy. It’s kind of like the Band Of Badgers Presents Bitesize concept. This time, however I promise you they will indeed be bite-sized. No risk of death by choking. I’m sure with how much quality music I do share, you – like myself – would be happy to choke on it. It would make for a very pleasant choking. Okay, I best stop with the waffle on choking, some readers will be getting a very wrong impression!

On a totally non-music related note I went to see World War Z last night and must say I rather enjoyed it. Gave me traumatic nightmares last night of course but you know what? It was totally worth it. Three quarters of the way into the film was a bit late to start worrying about getting any sleep that night. I don’t dream about zombies very often but when I do, I know about it. Now, the zombies in this film are the fastest, most terrifying I’ve seen to date. I think. I may well have seen more scary ones but my mind has since pushed them so far back into my unconscious that is for a future me to deal with. Tomorrow’s problem. I better start saving up for that pricey private therapist I’ll need for that then.

While I am waffling (here he goes), I got to listen to Planet Rock ALL day at work today. Just needed to express how amazing that is. To be in the office all day and work away to actual proper music. I had a flick through some channels on the office DAB when I got in early this morning but couldn’t find anything else worthy so thought I’d stick on Planet Rock for the hour I was there by myself. Someone else would typically turn it over when they got in, or got bored of the quality tunes. Lucky for me today, no one did. I’m used to having to hear the dreadful noise of Radio 1 *shudders*, so you can see why I need to share this information, which I know has no relevance for you whatsoever. Almost as a bonus for listening all day they played a Led Zeppelin (my favourite band of all time in the universe – ever) classic. I do love me a bit of When The Levee Breaks. Right, I will stop right there and get sharing the tunes!


I’ve still not managed to see this amazing duo play live yet and this makes me rather sad. I have to rectify it soon! Just check out this stunning performance of You Will Be Mine filmed at Bath Folk Festival

The perfect performance in this video alone should be enough to get you all clicking on their website (>>here<<) to request they play a town near YOU and soon. I’m not going to miss my next opportunity to see The Black Feathers because that would just be a crime! You can grab their awesome EP from bandcamp too for just two little £s. Click >>here<<


US singer-songwriter Ben Grant fits comfortably into the nu-folk category I’d say but you know me, I’m certainly not one to pigeon-hole artists or bands. There’s lots more to this wonderful chap so please do yourself a favour and check out his fantastic album Winnemucca. To get a taste here’s a video of an acoustic version of the opening track Faster.

You see. So go get clicking, you can do so from iTunes >>here<<. Now I’ve got my ass into gear I’ll be getiting a full review of Winnemucca up on this site VERY SOON!

If you want to check out a few more tunes before you buy then have a listen to the preview of 4 tracks above. Pros and Cons is just sublime. The whole record is to be perfectly honest. There are some more tunes on the soundcloud page too so do check them out.


First up is a superb video for the rather upbeat Straight Face, showing the light and fun side to the brothers Como. Watch out for this because its release as a single is imminent.

A flip to the dark side for Late Nights, which will also be getting a video release in a few weeks. It’s not so much the dark side as in The Force of course, but it is darker in tone and mood which reveals more layers to The Como Brothers‘ music. Sadly, I’m not yet proficient enough to be able to code in the widget for the song on reverbnation but I am working on this I assure you. In the meantime you can click >>here<< to go listen to Late Nights. Keep your eyes on this band, they are going for the big time. Quite rightly so too!


This new indie rock band are from my actual home town of Birmingham so it is of course a privilege to share such an awesome track from them with you. This is Levels and isn’t it brilliant? 

I am really looking forward to hearing lots more from these guys. Expect to see them up on here again soon.


Fasten you seatbelts and place your seat in an upright position for the next band please as we are off across the pond to New Jersey. This is the video for their song I Want It All and is a perfect introduction to this energetic US indie rock group.

Not only great music but also superb value because Young Sons Rising are giving YoungRisingSons_PRESSaway their album Highway Town absolutely 100% you pay absolutely nothing FREE. I can’t hear that clicking…..oh, let me give you the link first click >>here<<. Let me hear it. Quality FREE music. I’ll share more thoughts on this album very soon but my first impression of the 7-track record is hugely positive. It is really rather impressive stuff! No reason, therefore, for you not going and getting it for FREE!


Back home to Brumland next for a song from Faith (Birmingham, UK – for those non-UK readers who may be frantically googling Brumland and wondering why on earth they’d never heard of this place before). 

How Does It Feel To Own The Sun is a banging debut indie tune from these guys. Very promising indeed. Go team Birmingham! You’ll be seeing more from Faith soon.


Down south to London Town for this tune, This Time, from indie rock band Nishe

I came across this after drummer Joe Reece started following me on Twitter earlier today. Thank you Joe for that and for the awesome sounds from Nishe. I’ll be keeping my eyes on this band for more. What impresses me lots about these guys is the wonderful mix of sounds and styles, you can really hear those reggae rhythms and beats in there. They blend them seamlessly with the more rockier and britpop sounds. Great stuff!


taken from the Truck Facebook page

taken from the Truck Facebook page

Indeed the countdown is most definitely on with only 2 weeks left to go before I get on board this year’s Truck Festival. It’s looking to be another sell out year as well so if you are thinking about coming along make it fast. All the info and links for tickets can be found at the official website >>here<<. There’s even a handy personal line up planner. I’ll admit I’ve been so busy I’ve not even had chance to sit and plan mine yet. Truck remains one of the smallest independent festivals out there but don’t go thinking this is actually a small affair. It should be named the biggest little festival of the summer. With the cracking line up secured this year you will be missing out if you don’t get yourself there. 

taken from Truck Facebook page

taken from Truck Facebook page

Over just two full days as well leaving you with the Sunday to take it easy as you leave and head for home. Time enough to relax before the dreaded return to work Monday. Or rather for me, time to get right on writing up my review of the event. There is more music across more stages than ever at Truck so you know what to do. I for one will be stopping by The Great Western Whisky Saloon and Blues Kitchen. I must take it easy with the whisky though as technically I will be working. I’ll have a review up for Vulture Hound as well as an extended review here on my own site.

Here’s the website link again (>>here<<). Hurry as there will be no tickets available on the gates. There’s even a handy map to make sure you don’t get lost. Familiarize yourself with where everything is and who will be on what stage. I find it handy to plan swift routes to get from one stage to the other, especially when there are sometimes tight fits between set times. All this talk of Truck is making me really excited. This will be my second of many to come.

taken from the Truck Festival website

taken from the Truck Festival website


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